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 Standstill Radio is a digital broadcast platform born to help us connect with people of faith everywhere. Our tunnel vision is to reach the growing population around Northeast Ohio with the message of Christ. The internet makes this vision possible and provides Standstill Radio the possibility to grow beyond our city limits. We recognize that local communities are an essential part of coping with daily life. Therefore, Standstill Radio offers local communities a space to reconnect to the source of life and be uplifted in the faith during their daily grind.  The blessing of having a local faith community is having people to share the journey with as well as having a safe space where to grow in ones faith.  Standstill Radio offers listeners a unique experience, bilingual programming, and uplifting music and talk to help people of faith along the way. 


To use the station's platform to form people of faith through information and practice; cultivating lifelong relationships that lead to transformation of people and the world.


To connect people to Christ across Northeast Ohio through our witness as we are going about the things we do. 

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For more information on how to get involve with Standstill Radio contact us at radiostandstill@gmail.com

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